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Filing an EEO Complaint

File an EEO Complaint

How to

The State of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The State of Hawaii is committed to promoting and maintaining a work environment free of protected class-based discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Internal complaints regarding EEO concerns occurring in State Executive Branch departments within DHRD’s jurisdiction can be filed by following the steps below.


You witness or experience behavior that may be discriminatory, harassing, and/or retaliatory based on a protected class, in violation of the EEO Policy.


Report the behavior verbally or in writing to your supervisor, departmental HR office/EEO designee, or DHRD EEO. Provide a summary of the behavior; alleged offender’s name; date, time, and location of the incident; and protected class you believe is the basis for the incident.


Your department will investigate your complaint. You, the alleged offender, and any witnesses will be contacted for separate meetings. At your meeting, you will be asked questions about your complaint and to provide relevant documents and the names of any witnesses.


Your department will notify you when the investigation is complete. Any resulting disciplinary action relating to another employee will not be discussed with you.


EEO complaints are kept as confidential as possible; however, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. After a department is notified of alleged conduct that would violate the EEO policy if proven to have occurred, the department must promptly investigate the allegation. Under the EEO policy, retaliation against any individual who files an EEO complaint or participates in the investigation process is prohibited.


External Complaints

The process outlined above relates to EEO complaints filed internally with State Executive Branch departments within DHRD’s jurisdiction. Instead of or in addition to filing internal complaints, individuals may also choose to externally file complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (HCRC). If you have questions about external filing processes, contact the EEOC or HCRC. Your department and the DHRD EEO Office will not be able to assist you with complaints filed with the EEOC and HCRC.

Other Jurisdictions

If you would like to report an EEO concern relating to the Judiciary, Department of Education (DOE), or the University of Hawaii, which are State agencies outside DHRD’s jurisdiction, please contact the offices below:

To report EEO concerns regarding a County department, please contact the EEO designees for the City and County of Honolulu, County of Kauai, County of Maui, or County of Hawaii, as appropriate.

Public Accessibility

If you are a member of the public with questions or concerns regarding the accessibility of State of Hawaii programs and services, please contact the Disability and Communication Access Board, at (808) 586-8121 (voice) or (808) 586-8162 (TTY).

Private Employers

Individuals with EEO concerns regarding private employers should contact the EEOC or HCRC. DHRD EEO is not able to assist employees of private employers with their complaints.