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The State of Hawaii is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to State employees who need them due to a qualifying disability and to the extent required by law. Each department has at least one Reasonable Accommodation (RA) Coordinator who oversees each employee’s interactive reasonable accommodation process. Below are the general steps employees should follow during the process.


The RA Coordinator may ask you to provide more information, including written documentation from your medical provider. The RA Coordinator may also ask your supervisor for information about your essential job functions, worksite, and other job-related information.


After obtaining sufficient information, the RA Coordinator will discuss with you any reasonable accommodations that may be effective in enabling you to productively perform all your essential job functions.


The RA Coordinator will determine the reasonable accommodation(s) to be provided and will notify you as well as your supervisor so he/she/they is/are aware of and can assist with implementing the accommodation(s).


If, at any point, you feel the reasonable accommodation(s) is/are not effective in enabling you to perform all your essential job functions as productively as expected, contact your supervisor or the RA Coordinator immediately.